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OMB 2120-0042. Comments concerning the accuracy of this burden and suggestions for reducing the burden should be directed to the FAA at 800 Independence Ave. SW Washington DC 20591 attn Information Collection Clearance Officer AES-200. AIRCRAFT BILL OF SALE INFORMATION PREPARATION Prepare this form in duplicate. 00 for each eligible piece of collateral listed thereon. There is no fee for issuing a certificate of aircraft registration to a governmental unit or for recording a bill of sale that...
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Alright guys I want to show you how to change a tail number or registration number on your aircraft it's quite easy to do the only problem is its kind of lengthy and kind of unorganized if you ask me so what I'm going to do is go to safari, and I want to go to FAA gov and this is the homepage will do is kind of go over to aircraft and without clicking on it just kind of scroll down to aircraft certification you can click on that and aircraft registration click on more it's going to bring up all of this all of these options you want to click on n numbers reserve renew or change and reserve and n number online is the quickest so number one you want to make sure that the tail number that you want is available and if it is you want to purchase it, and it's only ten dollars as you can see here, so that's really cool so for example you're going to come down to here and you for example let's just say you want 682 30 okay you put that in there and proceed with the request and get here, and it says that this one's already assigned so sorry the end number you requested is not available for registration so okay your first choice I was denied, so hopefully you've got to back up and come back to here and enter in your second choice let's just say for example 2 504 Foxtrot and proceed with a crust okay so good news this one is available and all the red asterisks are required information to be entered you want to fill out all of this information, and again it's a ten dollar fee unless you're with the government which would be nice because that is no fee but individual or company reservation just a Fiat ten dollars you'll click on proceed with request you enter your credit card information and after that you own that tail number for one year and every time the year expires for example if you have not registered that tail number and put it on your actual aircraft you'll have to renew it each year just to hold ownership of that tail number, so that's step one just kind of obtaining ownership sort of speak on that tail number the next thing you want to do I just go to google and this is where I find this form change tail number on aircraft all right special item number is changing in numbers this is kind of where it gets a little tricky you just want to basically what you have to do is you have to write a letter unfortunately there's nothing that you can find online that can speed this process of they can't send you anything prior to you doing this letter, so you want to be very, very specific in this letter that you type out and send to the Oklahoma City government branch, so basically you want the name of the manufacturer so for example if it's a Cessna put on Cessna model designation Cessna 152 it's very important that you include the serial number and the current u.s. registration number so for example ours was 504 Foxtrot that's the new one that we want, but the old tail number for example let's just say it was November six 8239 you'll, you'll include both...
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